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 Guild Officer meeting. 15th Jan.

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PostSubject: Guild Officer meeting. 15th Jan.   Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:39 pm

Two issues to pass on for the guild.

1 - Removed some toons from the guild roster than had not logged in in over 1 year. Tried to keep mains and just remove alts so if they come back we can reinvite toons.

2- From now on, before the guild officers have a meeting; we will be having a general guild meeting on vent to find out issues, suggestions, etc from the non-officers. Then if it needs the officers to decided/discuss, we will bring it up in the officer meeting afterwards. The standard officer meeting time is the 3d Sunday of the month, so be ready with your suggestions, etc. The time/dates for these will be posted on the guild forums and on the MOTD for a couple days before the date.

From me personally. PLEASE use the forums to start topics and suggestions. I would like to see more people active here. If you can't log in to the game... just shoot a "Hey guys, I'm still around just busy" on the forums so we know how you are doing (LEVITA!!!)

Also if you notice your toons in game have different ranks, let an officer know to promote them all to the same rank. We don't know all your new toons/alts so please help us. ALSO if your in game rank doesn't match your guild site rank please PM myself or Vonbon so we can get the in game to match the website.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Officer meeting. 15th Jan.   Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:54 am

also i need to know of any new promotions or rank changes so i can make them here.. Remember this is our back up in case of p-wipe..

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Guild Officer meeting. 15th Jan.
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