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 Minutes of Officers meeting of 2/20/2011

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PostSubject: Minutes of Officers meeting of 2/20/2011   Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:29 am

The meeting started at 3PM EST and there were 15 officers present. Bell started the meeting by welcoming back some officers who had been away for various reasons and by thanking everyone that had helped keep the guild strong by participation and helping with builds, raids etc. A vote was taken to let Von know that we want 2 more admirals in the game that can take care of ANY business that arises. In addition to Von being an admiral we want to have Bell and Prrekoorb as admirals. Bell is to address this with Von as soon as possible. The main reason for this move is to have active leaders able to take care of any guild business as it arises without having to wait. It is a leadership issue.

The first new business, which was something we had been talking about for some time,was cleaning the guild list and making some real moves to making the list more accessible and freeing up spaces for new members. As it was, we had so many toons which were alts in the guild that we had maxed out membership thus making the guild list unaccesible to some. By deciding to choose 4 toons for each member of the guild it frees up many spots that can be actual new recruits. If we play a toon that is not in the guild we could get an invite for that alt for the day and then remove it at the end of that play time.

The next order of business was a discussion on kill stealing. It was decided that there really is not kill stealing, the big guns get the kill. However how we go about it is what was really at hand. WE dont want to participate in a war of words in the public channels. If we get the kill fair and square and someone wants to mouth and say we stole "their kill" we just dont even address it with them. If we dont argue then there is no fight. We discussed that there is no way we are ever going to stop some of the haters from bad mouthing us, so we go on and do our best to promote good will no matter if we are called bad or not.

Loot distribution on raids was discussed. The guild charter lays out the rules of loot distribution. We dont want to change that. There really have been no problems with the way it is handeled, so it remains those on the raid get first shot at loot in this order..........Mains, Alts, then upgrades. Noone has a problem with "rolling" for loot. We also agreed that we take care of our new guildies and make sure they are not pushed back in getting loot to make their toons strong.


Please let me add this on a personal note. Please don't freak out about having a 4 toon limit in the guild. I will say again, if you are playing a toon that is not guilded and you want in guild chat, simply add that toon for the time you are playing then remove it at the end of that play time. At any time you want to change the 4 toons you have guilded then you are free to do that also. Simply ask for an invite for the tunes, just at the end of the day, keep your guilded toons at 4. The whole idea about limiting guild toons is to make sure we have room to recruit new people to VGE. Let's keep VGE strong and moving forward!

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Minutes of Officers meeting of 2/20/2011
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