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 May 2015 Patch/Updates

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PostSubject: May 2015 Patch/Updates   May 2015 Patch/Updates EmptyMon May 11, 2015 7:56 am

Patch Notes 11/05/2015
by Zackman on 11/05/2015 07:43

Akeron's Gate, Saturn - Tonight on Net-7 News, we take a look into the recent behaviors of the Ancient Gates since arrival of the strange new vessels that the public as well as SolSec has dubbed the 'Unknowns'. We are live and on location at Saturn sector's Ancient Gate to Akeron's Gate sector.
As you can see normally the alien crescents are dormant when not in use......

Wait. Something strange is happening. The Ancient Gate is opening from the far side. Oh my. Viewers, this Net-7 News Frigate is recording some strange telemetry as Akeron's Gate fully opened. Multiple ships are gating in at once.
This is not uncommon but we are seeing some odd wavelengths in the sounds the Ancient Gates make. Bob, get a close-up of the Gate.

Unknowns. Three- no wait, there's more. Six- no seven of the Unknowns emerging from Akeron's Gate at once. They are in a strange formation not used by human vessels. They are arrayed in a hexagon pattern with a seventh vessel in the center. Are we recording all of this? Pull back and wide angle. What do you mean they are headed to intercept us? Come about!

Viewers, the formation of Unknowns seem to be taking an interest in our Net-7 News Frigate, one of many in a fleet of field correspondence to bring you the latest in breaking news and we are seeing such right now in trailing Saturn sector. Never before have the Unknowns have been witnessed utilizing any version of the star-gates. Yet, one such hexagonal formation has appeared seemingly from nowhere. There's no telemetry from Akeron's Gate sector? Bob, where are they coming from? They're getting closer.

Folks, this is odd and this reporter admits this could be a bit awkward and uncomfortable. The formation of Unknowns is bearing down on our position as we monitor the breaking developments. Stay tuned as we cover this singular event.

What, Bob? Another formation? Are you sure? Viewers, yet another group of the insectoid vessels has appeared from the Ancient Akeron's Gate, seemingly not from the sector of the same name! Where are they coming from?

We'd better get out of their way. Plot a wide thrust course at impulse about the Ancient Gate. Let's give the Unknowns some elbow room. They are newcomers here and I'm sure SolSec will be arriving soon. Bob? Bob! Why aren't we moving?

>Engines Offline<

Bob, they're headed right for us. Viewers of the galaxy this Net-7 News Frigate is about to have a very close encounter with a formation of seven Unknowns. They seem to have paralyzed our engines. Now I see on the scopes that they are sending beams from the outer six insectoid ships to the larger vessel in the middle. There's a power spike in a matrix I've never seen before. Bob, what are they doing. Well they are pointed right at us!

Viewers, this Net-7 Frigate is being scanned by a powerful beam playing over our hull, the signal dish, our shields, comm systems, everything! They're scanning us. No. Probing is more like it. Their scan beams are not even registering on our defenses. Are they searching for something specific or mapping our entire vessel! Bob, they can see everything!

Viewers, the Unknown formation and the one immediately aft of the first are beaming our Frigate. This is unheard of.

>Incoming Transmission<

We're getting something. Some kind of comm signal. The mathematics are a jumble of chaotic algorithms. I'll try to put it through our best translation computations. Bob, they aren't slowing! Are they going to ram us?
At least the scan beams have stopped. We must not have what they are looking for. Ah! Results from the comm translation. I'll put it up on the view in case our transmission to NET-7 SOL, your most trusted news source, is interrupted.


Viewers, I hope SolSec arrives soon because the Unknowns have just made contact and I have no idea what they just said to us. Their big, central vessel just performed a fly-by, the other six ships in perfect hexagonal formation. We may be lucky to be alive right now. Bob, please, please, please tell me the engines are back online.... Look. There are more formations emerging from the Ancient Gate. Too many.

Patch Notes May 2015:
-Fixed: New skills will be now recognized by CallForward
-Fixed: Flying backwards in Grav Shears wont avoid hull damage anymore
-Fixed: Activating a device with wrong target (therefore not activating) will not drain energy anymore
-Fixed: Chili-Popper debuffs will now ignore stronger buffs and always add (exception to the stacking rule)
-Fixed: Summon, Menace and FoldSpace will no longer affect mob having no engine or being "stationary"
-Fixed: SelfDestruct first usage after sector change was bogus
-Fixed: Stability changes

-Fixed: Group formations will be (re-) presented to player entering a sector
-Fixed: Missing tables not being cleaned on character deletion
-Fixed: Biopress range and skill-messages for AO

-Added: new trigger mobs to help distinguish the beginning of the Scooter and Gen'ril raids
-Added: Save the Nommos! mission for nommos donations.
- Fixed: updated DeWinter talk tree in Arms for Arms
- Fixed: potential snare in starter TT missions with Ewan MacGregor
- Added: Welcome to the Shinwa mission - for level 10 d'nai who haven't learned cloak yet.
- Changed: Revamped Energy Leech mission.
- Added: Items created.
- Added: New storyline missions from several class leaders to whet the appetite for more storyline.
- Changed: Minor visual cosmetic changes to Blackbox components
- Changed: Updated the Net-7 Entertainment Code of Conduct document.

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May 2015 Patch/Updates
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