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 Good Ole Von.....

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PostSubject: Good Ole Von.....   Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:33 pm

A little story I heard about Vonbon....

Early ST4... Vonbon, Fieldmedic and I were in Glenn. Von and Field were leeching some xp from me while I was gas mining. Things were a little boring in group so an unusual conversation started up...

(Group) Vonbon: Hey Field
(Group) Fieldmedic: Ya von?
(Group) Vonbon: Ya know what I was thinking the other day? Sex is getting to be too much work at my age.
(Group) Fieldmedic: Never Man!
(Group) Vonbon: I'm telling ya, sex is like 90% work now and only 10% pleasure.
(Group) Fieldmedic: Ah hell no, sex is always at least 90% pleasure!
(Group) Vonbon: I got an idea.... hey Ice!
(Group) Iceminer: Ya boss?
(Group) Vonbon: You watching what we were talking about???
(Group) Iceminer: Yep
(Group) Vonbon: So what do you think it is?
(Group) Iceminer: Let me think about it...
Iceminer has prospected 3 Noxion Gas
Iceminer has prospected 2 Yunieon Gas
Iceminer has prospected 6 Radon Gas
etc.... etc.... etc...

(Group) Vonbon: So Ice?
(Group) Iceminer: Ya boss?
(Group) Vonbon: So you think about it?
(Group) Iceminer: Yep
(Group) Vonbon: So????
(Group) Iceminer: You don't want to know...
(Group) FIeldmedic: Come on ice... tell him I'm right
(Group) Vonbon: No I AM!
(Group) Iceminer: Okay.. Okay... Sex is 100% pleasure!
(Group) Vonbon: How the hell you come up with that!
(Group) Iceminer: Come on Von... if there was any work going to be envolved... you would make me do it.
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PostSubject: Re: Good Ole Von.....   Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:06 pm

umm , huh?.... lol

i dont remember that convo.... affraid

nice job make it tho....lol

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Good Ole Von.....
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