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 DEV Qand A session for any who missed it.

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DEV Qand A session for any who missed it. Empty
PostSubject: DEV Qand A session for any who missed it.   DEV Qand A session for any who missed it. EmptySun May 05, 2013 9:28 pm

(10):20:27:26 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: 2 min
(10):20:29:31 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: First, thank you all for joining me for our first Developer Q&A session. Thank you for taking time from your game play.
(10):20:29:38 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: There are quite a few people online and in channel so I please ask you to extend every courtesy to you fellow players.
(10):20:29:39 [Out of Context] Warknee: >Wink
(10):20:29:49 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Since this is an un-moderated channel we will need to do our best to make it work until we have a more formal moderated channel after the Tuesday patch update.
(10):20:30:13 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: No question is off limits ? though I may not be able to answer all the questions you may have. I will also avoid answering any questions if the answer would be considered a ?Spoiler?.
(10):20:30:30 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: *"Spoiler"
(10):20:31: 4 [Out of Context] Terrell: For the JT and Scout, will they be getting new and unique things to bring to groups as support classes? Say in the terms of never before seen unique & useful device effects?
(10):20:31: 6 [Out of Context] Edzackary: I'd like to say THANK YOU for all the hard work you all have done!
(10):20:31: 7 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: So lets get this show on the road.
(10):20:31:11 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: if we are in a guild can we please have guild chat as default when we log in ? please
(10):20:31:47 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: Player Adv checking in :-)
(10):20:31:48 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: First to Terrell: The three new classes (PP, TS, and JS) are a bit lacking in equipment. This has been noted - it is on the list of "to-do's" - though behind the current list of story progressing.
(10):20:32:16 [Out of Context] Reverant: What is the ETA on Stealth Strike being added to the Improved Cloak buff?
(10):20:32:26 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Wetpolecat - I will ask about default chat channel on login - I am not sure how that is cofigured today.
(10):20:32:33 [Out of Context] Terrell: Thanks. Looking forward to them being useful in unique ways, so they're needed.
(10):20:33: 1 [Out of Context] Warknee: elrick I have a suggestion if you guys can put it in is adding /loot add username itemname
(10):20:33: 8 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: ty sir . and THANKS for all the hard work you devs are doing
(10):20:33:10 [Out of Context] Efient: Are there any plans to reduce overlapping or raid-only use of Gravity Wells / Shears and what not?
(10):20:33:15 [Out of Context] Morumbi: When will the next round of new content (V'rix, Roc, DT, etc) be added to the game?
(10):20:33:25 [Out of Context] Zzexx: Need More Apollonite spots, 3 hours, 30 pieces, too many are cherrypicking, Why wasnt the a timer put on the roids once opened to despawn, like we had in live already...
(10):20:33:28 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Reverant: There are buffs today that increase steal strike when comming out of combat cloak. They shoudl be working though the increase is not overly significant. I will check to ensure that is the case as it certinaly is the intent.
(10):20:33:43 [Out of Context] Fearedman: is there anything i can do on my end of the pc that would lower the ammount of crashes on gating or docking?
(10):20:34:19 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Warknee: We no the looting system has its challanges - almost every raid we watch is plagued with looting issues. We are not you sure what do about it - a proposal on the forums woudl be welcome.
(10):20:34:30 [Out of Context] Reverant: -> Stealth Strike hasnt been added to those buffs Elrick. kk thanks
(10):20:34:45 [Out of Context] Jerawolfe: Are there any plans to fix or improve hacking?
(10):20:34:57 [Out of Context] Warknee: elrick this is magoo so if they have ideas for items...
(10):20:35:32 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Efient: The Grav Wells, Shears, and related fields are content items and the various devs put them in as they feel they are needed for their elements of the game. We have no plans to change them though some may be going away (or new ones comming) -
(10):20:35:36 [Out of Context] Darkprincess: I am new but old player from 9 years ago and the raid issue could be solved by allowing to form larger raid groups instead of ind groups
(10):20:35:42 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: This would be part of sotry line progression.
(10):20:35:55 [Out of Context] AstroTT: Is there an eta when will the Terran Enforcer Damage Control be fixed
(10):20:36: 7 [Out of Context] OttoJE: speaking of Stealth Strike, will it be fixed on Chamaleon and other cloak buff devices? helps widen the selection of beams that are viable for combat
(10):20:36:20 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Morumbi: We have an exiting line up of story evolution in story for you. The story remains our primary focus now that some of the server and technical issues are underway
(10):20:36:38 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: No specifics (i.e. no Spoilers!)
(10):20:36:43 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: Elrick, regarding the Stealth Strike. It does not appear to be working as per the description, based on personal tests.
(10):20:37: 0 [Out of Context] Terrell: Over time on story content, will Explorers get more mining projects than were in the original game?
(10):20:37:28 [Out of Context] OttoJE: Shadow, that answers my question too I think
(10):20:37:32 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Slow down a bit for me - I only have two hands. Smile
(10):20:37:35 [Out of Context] SlevenTS: yeah 5 seconds of double damage isnt enough
(10):20:37:36 [Out of Context] Morumbi: thanks elrick, can you give a hint as to when the next story progession might happen. For instance are we talking about days, weeks, months, or years? thanks
(10):20:37:40 [Out of Context] Warknee: elrick if we had a idea for a new device/item in the game where would I post a suggestion?
(10):20:38: 2 [Out of Context] Jerawolfe: Five seconds of Double Damage is two strikes with most beams if you time it right.
(10):20:38:29 [Out of Context] OttoJE: we shouldn't discuss the worth of the suggestion here- lets do on forums
(10):20:38:33 [Out of Context] Warknee: I personally find 5 seconds fine on my jenquai but everyones different
(10):20:38:42 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Zzex: We are intentionally limiting some ores - and yes even ammo ores. There is more than enough in fields to satisfy demand with some buffer. We do watch ores, especially ammo ores, closely.
(10):20:39: 1 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: ok peeps im going to say next then the next question can be posted Elrick needs time to answer you
(10):20:39: 7 [Out of Context] SlevenTS: i was being sarcastic
(10):20:39:22 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: NEXT
(10):20:39:25 [Out of Context] Zzexx: im not getting enough apollo just for me, let alone to sell
(10):20:39:45 [Out of Context] AstroTT: Is there an eta when will the Terran Enforcer Damage Control be fixed
(10):20:39:47 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Fearedman: The crashes in gating are highly connection related - there are several threads in the forums which offer suggestions you can try. If you keep having problems then feel free to open a ticket or start a thread in support.
(10):20:39:55 [Out of Context] Vitaes: I will second the cherry picking on the discordite/apollonite type roids though...seems to be quite a bit less of those ores than others
(10):20:40:10 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: NEXT
(10):20:40:15 [Out of Context] Wolfxtt: Is there any thought into making comp builds so a builder can build multiples with one button push.....similar to ore refining?
(10):20:40:33 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Jerawolfe: Hacking was changed considerably not long ago - we think it is working well now. Feel free to post specific concerns on the forums.
(10):20:40:59 [Out of Context] Jerawolfe: Thank you, Elrick, LTE answered my question in PM. I retract the inquiry.
(10):20:41: 7 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: NEXT
(10):20:41:16 [Out of Context] Warknee: elrick if we had a idea for a new device/item in the game where would I post a suggestion?
(10):20:41:48 [Out of Context] Chaser: Will they ever add much more jobs as per the amount of players standing in line for them. It's like standing in line for trade goods
(10):20:41:51 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: I am goign to skip down on questions so I can keep them in window - so if I missed yours give me a but of time and ask again.
(10):20:42:35 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: do not ask any questions untill i say next he needs time to answer
(10):20:42:35 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Zzexx: There is plenty of appolonite out there - and it is a regualr sales items in the markets. Perhaps you need to broaden your search?
(10):20:43: 3 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: NEXT
(10):20:43: 5 [Out of Context] Zzexx: hit all sectors today lol
(10):20:43: 5 [Out of Context] Terrell: Will this version of EnB have more mining missions, projects, than the original?
(10):20:43:16 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: AstroTT: I will check into the TE Damage Control - I was not aware it was broken.
(10):20:43:19 [Out of Context] Ghrem: Can you drop the level of the guard mobs in roid fields?... It sucks being 1-2 shotted or having to avoid fields altogether...
(10):20:43:40 [Out of Context] AstroTT: cheers
(10):20:43:59 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Wolfxtt: There is a system limit which stops us from doing multip comp builds. We would love to do so but currently cannot.
(10):20:44: 7 [Out of Context] Warknee: I can answer ghrem's question they were added to stop the macro/bot miners maybe
(10):20:44:12 [Out of Context] OozrJD: Could you elaborate on the reasoning behind witholding ores, specifically apollo and discordite?
(10):20:44:17 [Out of Context] Colatt: be nice to slow spawn rate in roid fields as well hard to mine when constatantly killin gmobs
(10):20:44:20 [Out of Context] Ghrem: I know WHY, but less strong would do the same.
(10):20:44:22 [Out of Context] Warknee: economy
(10):20:44:45 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Magoo: If you or anyone else has device suggestion please send them to me in PM. I would love to look them over and get them in game.
(10):20:44:53 [Out of Context] Ghrem: CL20 trying to mine lvl 9 ores... and a CL50 comes up my butt... Sad
(10):20:45: 8 [Out of Context] Michaile: is a dynamic market for ores and player made items possible ? and if so could they be tied into job terminal missions? for players
(10):20:45:24 [Out of Context] Jaque: I like the HU missions at lvl 30 for all the classes and would like to see similar type missions with commensurate rewards at all above HU...any plans for this?
(10):20:45:46 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: not untill i say next your going to fast for Elrick to answer
(10):20:45:50 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Chaser: The Job terminals are already less static than they were in EA Live. A certain amount of job contention is expected (and even deisred). We currently do not see enough contention to cause worry.
(10):20:46: 0 [Out of Context] Vitaes: The issue with pop rocks...right now, I am in a field with seven pop rocks in a row...can something be done to limit the amount of poppers in a field?
(10):20:46:22 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: Did i say next no !!
(10):20:46:28 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Terrell: As mentioned before more content is on the way - this will include class, race, and profession content.
(10):20:46:35 [Out of Context] Terrell: Thanks
(10):20:47: 3 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: NEXT
(10):20:47:11 [Out of Context] Terrell: For pop-rocks, do they do absolute damage or specific damage types? If absolute damage can they be changed to specific damage types so we can use our deflect increasing devices as a defense?
(10):20:47:20 [Out of Context] Ramstedt: how do we know who is next?
(10):20:47:24 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Ghrem: We dropped ore guardian levels last patch to help with this - if it is still and isuse we can review further.
(10):20:47:56 [Out of Context] Ghrem: Thanks.
(10):20:47:56 [Out of Context] OozrJD: are you noticing a pattern here... most of the questions are about ores, resources and the lack there of
(10):20:48:20 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Many of the ore field changes including guaridan addition/changes and additional pop rocks (and pop gas fields) have been put in palce to address an increase in unattended macro mining.
(10):20:49:11 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Oozrjd: We are not witholding them - we do want them to be items of value or markatable. If they are in abundance they have no value which is contracty to the in-game economy we are trying to promote.
(10):20:49:16 [Out of Context] Chaser: you think jobs is plentiful? You stand there for 15 minutes waiting for 6 jobs
(10):20:49:58 [Out of Context] Morikai: only way you could really do that is to have a player market like EVE does, but I dont think this game could support that
(10):20:49:59 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: We do not have a system dynamic market in mind - but a player dynamic. Supply and Demand based economics in came.
(10):20:50:33 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Jaque: Yes - expect to see more missions - we have sevearl tied to new content.
(10):20:50:43 [Out of Context] Jaque: ty
(10):20:51: 1 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: NEXT
(10):20:51: 8 [Out of Context] Reverant: Are raid-activated devices for Troller and Gobb a non-starter for the Devs or will they consider the thoughts and advice from the playing community?
(10):20:51:21 [Out of Context] Korban: how about a buy back option on vendors?
(10):20:51:23 [Out of Context] Breequai: would you consider changing jobs from free-for-all to player-specific based on NPC faction / interaction? as in, you go get missions from NPCs and those are what you see in the job term?
(0):20:51:26 COMPUTER: Teesha logged in.
(10):20:51:40 [Out of Context] OozrJD: love to see a buy-back option... just sold my CVE
(10):20:51:46 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Vitaes: The pop rocks are as random as we can make them - which is not truely random but we try. We do make them visually discernable which should help live players. I will see if we can do something to limit the number in a specific field - good idea.
(10):20:52: 0 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: There you guys go again if you see a question up and its not answered dont ask a new 1
(10):20:52: 5 [Out of Context] Vitaes: Thank you
(10):20:52:14 [Out of Context] Reverant: Those sound like suggestion to be posted in the Suggestions forum - not here.
(10):20:52:14 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Terrell: Pop rocks do absolute damage, no buffs/resistances will help.
(10):20:52:16 [Out of Context] Ghrem: The lvl 9 ones are hard to "visually discern"
(10):20:52:17 [Out of Context] Wolfxtt: In regards to the macroing....has any thought gone into doing completely away with the ability to macro? IMHO if you are macroing you are not "playing " the game and takes away from the gameplay of others who ARE in game to play
(10):20:52:24 [Out of Context] Breequai: sorry, didn't see a "stop askin and wait" Sataon
(10):20:52:50 [Out of Context] Lordboranson: Elrick If you had the funds made available to you could at some point could guild bases be added to game
(10):20:52:57 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: Wait
(10):20:53:17 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Chaser: I have play toons as well and have spent my time at the job terminals. I woudl suggest you consider other stations to find shorter lines.
(10):20:53:53 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: I have something I would like to add, once the current question has been answered.
(10):20:54:12 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: STOP STOP STOP!!!
(10):20:54:41 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Reverant: Raid activation devices (like the Fishmaster / Face) have their own problems - which would ultimatly requires us to reduce loot in the raid to compensate. We may need to do that or combine both time and item based activations.
(10):20:55:20 [Out of Context] Terrell: Could there be an alternative on the reduction of drops, by reducing the awesome drops but putting some new "good" items in to make up for it?
(10):20:55:37 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: Did i say do NO
(10):20:55:44 [Out of Context] Morikai: I believe in live the minimum wait timer on fishbowl was 4 hours
(10):20:55:52 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Korban: Vendor buy-back woudl require some major recoding of the vendor system - including how things are loaded into vendor inventory. They may come later but no time soon due to workload.
(10):20:55:53 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: DID I SAY GO?
(10):20:56: 5 [Out of Context] Ramstedt: lmao there is mo que so when you say next you have 5 people ready to hit enter on the keyboard
(10):20:56:10 [Out of Context] Korban: Thanks Elrick
(10):20:56:14 [Out of Context] Reverant: Exhile - perhaps if you say a Name who is next in line?
(10):20:57: 8 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: Sorry canot see names it would be easier for shure lol poor Elrick your going to burn him out trying to kreep up
(10):20:57:17 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Wolf: We cannot limit macros at the system level though we are getting a little better at detecting them. It is the same problem e-mail providers face with Spam - faulse posatives are not uncommon. Even 1 in 100 would be less acceptable.
(10):20:57:17 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: when the next chance comes up after shadowwalker i have a ?
(10):20:57:45 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: We decided long ago to follow the EA Live path an allow attended macroing only. We would like to ban them up but it is difficult to enforce.
(10):20:58: 1 [Out of Context] Michaile: perhaps a 2 minute break for moderator?
(10):20:58: 9 [Out of Context] Wolfxtt: Ghrem also pm'd me...thanks
(10):20:58:25 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: OK BREAK !!!!
(10):20:58:31 [Out of Context] LTE: It would be lovely: 1.) Keep group leader formation setting by session until group disbanded regardless of wormhole/gate/dock 2.) Trash mobs of raids to be seen outside world (such as troller trashes etc.) for non-raid status loot (chims)
(10):20:58:34 [Out of Context] Ghrem: Give a math problem and require them to /t the answer back to the system. No answer, kick the account (all linked too) for 24 hours.
(10):20:58:42 [Out of Context] Ghrem: You'll find out who to ban quick enough.
(10):20:59: 5 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: STOP STOP STOP
(10):20:59: 9 [Out of Context] Korban: while you guys are here, i'd just like to say thanks for all your hard work, it's appreciated
(10):20:59:17 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Thank you for bearing with us - when we have the fully moderated forum this will be much smoother.
(10):20:59:32 [Out of Context] Ghrem: IRC would be better. :-X
(10):21: 0: 6 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Let's x up with a question: I will pick one person to ask, answer that question, and move on. So X up with a question.
(10):21: 0:16 [Out of Context] Breequai: X
(10):21: 0:18 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: x - Comment
(10):21: 0:21 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: x please
(10):21: 0:28 [Out of Context] Vitaes: x
(10):21: 0:30 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Go ahead Shadow since you are the Advocate.
(10):21: 1: 5 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: Any suggestions should be directed to the suggestions section of our forums or made directly to the Advocates office. Thank you.
(10):21: 1:37 [Out of Context] Breequai: huh, ok guess I'll un-X this one
(10):21: 1:40 [Out of Context] Bethezamane: x
(10):21: 1:44 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Agreed - Shadow has direct access to the devs in our regualr meetings and so I encourage you to use him.
(10):21: 1:48 [Out of Context] Wolfxtt: x
(10):21: 1:53 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Breequai - please ask you question.
(10):21: 2:27 [Out of Context] Breequai: Will you increase the moderation on the suggestions forums? People are borderline abusive to suggestions, and it's very offputting
(10):21: 3:18 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: The new Dev Q&A forum is fully moderated, we will be moving things into there if topics crop up in other forums. We do not want to "moderate" the group into civility but can help cut down the intentional trouble makers.
(10):21: 3:36 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Wetpolecat - fire away.
(10):21: 3:42 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: when we give a person a tell can a text scroll in front of them ( like in blue god mode ) they might see the tell in there chat
(10):21: 3:51 [Out of Context] Michaile: x
(10):21: 4:20 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Not sure that would be a welcome change for everyone. There are both visual and autable alarms for tells today. I do not expect that to change.
(10):21: 4:32 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: ty sir
(10):21: 4:35 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Vitaes - over to you.
(10):21: 4:35 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: If you are discouraged by topic derailing or unwarranted flaming, please make your suggestions directly to me via in game or Forum pm's. I am available daily.
(10):21: 5: 1 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: sorry for the interuption
(10):21: 5:24 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Ok Michaile then - please ask away.
(10):21: 5:27 [Out of Context] Michaile: approximate time frame for part 2 content and storyline ??????
(10):21: 6:24 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Soon(tm). There are some system elements to suppor that we put in with the last two patches - we are relly waiting on content devs to flesh out the related missions.
(10):21: 7: 3 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: One of the reasons we are doing this Q&A activity is to free times for the devs you see alot of to get back into the content and chrun out the content we need to move the sotry line forward.
(10):21: 7:12 [Out of Context] Pulvi: x
(10):21: 7:17 [Out of Context] Wolfxtt: XXX (last one got missed:)
(10):21: 7:18 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Pulvi - please ask.
(10):21: 7:27 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: I will get you next Wolf
(10):21: 7:34 [Out of Context] Wolfxtt: np:)
(10):21: 7:35 [Out of Context] Bethezamane: x
(10):21: 7:41 [Out of Context] Pulvi: any plans on putting in rd faction jobs?
(10):21: 8: 1 [Out of Context] Terrell: x
(10):21: 8:10 [Out of Context] Reverant: x
(10):21: 8:30 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: There were RD faction jobs - I must admit I have not looed of late - are they gone? I will check to see if this was intentional. We should have RD faction jobs I believe.
(10):21: 8:47 [Out of Context] Terrell: Haven't seen them since Beta, RD jobs.
(10):21: 8:55 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: They may have been pulled in favor of the tiles - but I will check.
(10):21: 9: 4 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Man I am getting quite a to-do list. Smile
(10):21: 9: 6 [Out of Context] Vitaes: Def no RD jobs
(10):21: 9:11 [Out of Context] Pulvi: thank you
(10):21: 9:15 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Ok Wolf - fire away.
(10):21: 9:15 [Out of Context] Warknee: elrck when you have a chance for me
(10):21: 9:17 [Out of Context] Wolfxtt: I talked with Shadow and the subject of reducing the timers on the boss in Slayton that drops the Taniwas Pride being drastically reduced....what was the result of that discussion...IMO a boss that drops a level 5 much needed device should not be a 24
(10):21: 9:44 [Out of Context] Wolfxtt: he was going to bring it up in todays dev meeting
(10):21: 9:47 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: x - forgot to mention something
(10):21:10:47 [Out of Context] Michaile: darkprincess are u kalocs wife???
(10):21:10:53 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: The pride devices are made to be intentonally rare. They are one of the most valuable things a low lvl player can get - we do not plan on increasing the rate by which they drop.
(10):21:10:54 [Out of Context] Michaile: mt
(10):21:11: 0 [Out of Context] Feu: lol
(10):21:11:18 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: We may add some variability to some other elements of the mob (i.e. location) to discourage camping. We will see.
(10):21:11:25 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Go ahead Magoo
(10):21:11:32 [Out of Context] Wolfxtt: yes, but they already drop about 1 in 10...at a 24 respawn means likely only one a week....MAYBE
(10):21:11:55 [Out of Context] Warknee: if we have new item ideas for engines and devices and stuff where can we post suggestions for you guys to look at?
(10):21:12: 8 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Fair point Wolf - I will check and see how many dropped in April and look at see if we need to adjust. Fair point.
(10):21:12:30 [Out of Context] Wolfxtt: I understand before the wipe it was a 20 mins spawn which is short but a 2 hours spawn is very reasonable considering the number of players
(10):21:12:56 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Send them to Shadow or direct to me.
(10):21:13:20 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Ok x up if you have additional questions- we have about 15 more min left in this session.
(10):21:13:22 [Out of Context] Warknee: if neither are available is there a place in the forums you would like them?
(10):21:13:37 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: PM in form would work best.
(10):21:13:39 [Out of Context] Bethezamane: XXX
(10):21:13:46 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Beth - over to you.
(10):21:13:50 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: x
(10):21:13:53 [Out of Context] Reverant: xx
(10):21:13:54 [Out of Context] Terrell: x
(10):21:14: 1 [Out of Context] JohnsilverTT: X
(10):21:14:44 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Bethezamane - did you have a question?
(10):21:14:45 [Out of Context] Bethezamane: What can we do to help rationalize areas? Like AK gate with 7's and 15's in same spawn, or lvl 30's in with 23's...these areas go unused...
(10):21:15:13 [Out of Context] Bethezamane: Sorry had to retype question
(10):21:15:19 [Out of Context] Pulvi: x
(10):21:16: 2 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: If you have a list of areas where this is occuring please post them in forum - we can look at them. Some of these may be for valid reasons but may are likley overlapping spawns that were not properly laid out.
(10):21:16:14 [Out of Context] Bethezamane: ok
(10):21:16:17 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Shadow : Ask your question.
(10):21:16:19 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: Just to let everyone know. Minutes from todays meeting with the Advocate office and the GM/Dev team are available on the forums in the Advocate section.
(10):21:16:42 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Reverant - over to you then.
(10):21:16:43 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: That's all :-)
(10):21:17:13 [Out of Context] Reverant: The community has asked for faction caps for positivie and negative. Will there be a faction cap of 25k put in place?
(10):21:17:56 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: That is another item on the to-do list - there are some challanges that make it not as strait forward to implement. But do stay tuned on that one.
(10):21:18: 5 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Terrell - your up.
(10):21:18:10 [Out of Context] Terrell: Currently one has to lower RD faction to raise Chavez faction. Will the Chavez ever get content of comparable to RD factioned content, and if not, why should anyone side with the Chavez?
(10):21:18:38 [Out of Context] Terrell: Comparable value
(10):21:18:42 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Sorry, no spoilers!
(10):21:19:39 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: There are so many toons with massive negative Chavez faction that it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Smile
(10):21:19:57 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: JohnSilver - please ask.
(10):21:20: 6 [Out of Context] Efient: oops, but there was a negative faction cap back then too
(10):21:20:32 [Out of Context] JohnsilverTT: Im only wondering if you plan to let all mobs have the call for aid command in the future?
(10):21:21: 5 [Out of Context] JohnsilverTT: it seriosly undermines the basic combat system the game was built on. jenquas low sig, terrans long range.
(10):21:21: 7 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Not all mobs call for help, and not all mobs respond to calls for aid. That will not change.
(10):21:21:43 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Pulvi - over to you.
(10):21:22: 1 [Out of Context] : *Evilmagoo waves at his fellow orionites*
(10):21:22:23 [Out of Context] Pulvi: are wormholes set or could you change abb to a wormhole in rag
(10):21:23:15 [Out of Context] OozrJD: a device for a WH to an area would be nice
(10):21:23:17 [Out of Context] Evilmagoo: I would like to see devices that allow je's to wh to other sectors make them a difficult mission reward and make them installable
(10):21:23:22 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: We have the ability to move them but no plans to do so.
(10):21:23:32 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: We can do one more round of questions: x up please.
(10):21:23:49 [Out of Context] Evilmagoo: are you a real person or a computer simulacrum?
(10):21:24:11 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: x please
(10):21:24:21 [Out of Context] Wirikidor: x
(10):21:24:23 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: I am an AI of course. Smile
(10):21:24:25 [Out of Context] Decepticon: x
(10):21:24:28 [Out of Context] Wirikidor: since I just logged in I dunno how so x
(10):21:24:33 [Out of Context] Evilmagoo: >Wink
(10):21:24:42 [Out of Context] Efient: that explains the forum avatar
(10):21:24:47 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: With carefully crafted spelling and typo errors to make me look real. Smile
(10):21:24:59 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Wetpokecat - ask away.
(10):21:25:19 [Out of Context] Evilmagoo: hehehehehe did you see the picture I put up of myself I think I nearly killed satan with it
(10):21:25:44 [Out of Context] Gangster: hand up
(10):21:25:49 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: if or when the V'rix are in game will there be the ore for them made alvable
(10):21:26:25 [Out of Context] Balder: x
(10):21:26:33 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Sorry - n4 sp43l2rs Smile
(10):21:26:41 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: ty sir
(10):21:26:49 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Wirikidor - your up.
(10):21:26:52 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: lol good answer Elrik ;-)
(10):21:27:26 [Out of Context] SlevenTS: no spaces in vrix speak
(10):21:27:43 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Did you have a question Wirikidor?
(10):21:28: 2 [Out of Context] Wirikidor: Going back to the Chavez from last round, unless there will be asector to port through like BBW to go vast distances if you are not a JE why are the chavez even in...and if this is live...why wasnt it done before hand?
(10):21:29: 8 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Lots there Wirik - if we do Chavez it will woudl be as optional content. We commented before that we intend to force decisions on the players where you opt for one story line of play (say the RD lines) for another. One toon may not be able to do it all.
(10):21:29:16 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Decepticon - over to you.
(10):21:29:58 [Out of Context] Morikai: i remember in live, once you went past a certain point, you couldn't go positive again to a faction
(10):21:30: 6 [Out of Context] Vitaes: x
(10):21:30:26 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: NO MORE QUESTIONS PLEASE WE WILL ANSWER WHAT IS HERE THANK YOU MUCH !!
(10):21:30:26 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Decepticon?
(10):21:30:37 [Out of Context] Decepticon: my question is pretty ez and straightforward
(10):21:31:18 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: go ahead we will answer those already asked with a X
(10):21:31:19 [Out of Context] Decepticon: is there any plans now or in the future to sexify building. I would like to see a search bar to type out the name of an item im looking for at the manufacture terminal as well as a color cordination system on items. Red for non manufac. Green if I already
(10):21:31:45 [Out of Context] Decepticon: learned that item and maybe silver or something if I can learn it. To help me easily identify with my building experience vs alt tabbing and checking a website 20 times an hr
(10):21:32:25 [Out of Context] Decepticon: and also add some sort of possible exp bar for building % so i KNOW how close im getting to 200%
(10):21:32:30 [Out of Context] Decepticon: - the end-
(10):21:32:38 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Most of the graphical side of building is baked into the client which we cannot change much. So there is not alont we can do to modernize the experience for our builders. Perhaps some ordering, color coding, and the like. But no major enhancements.
(10):21:33:20 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Balder - ask away?
(10):21:33:22 [Out of Context] Balder: Any chance u will make Dragons spite ML ammo available at a vendor? I see more players having the wpn, but no ammo samples to analyse.
(10):21:34: 1 [Out of Context] SlevenTS: would be nice if the vendor had explosive
(10):21:34: 9 [Out of Context] SlevenTS: they do have claw impact
(10):21:34:35 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Balder- probably not, it is intentionally hard. We do need to look to make sure it is fairly with the couunterpart PL (Dragon Fang) and that may mean some changes. But we would not want to make it a main stream weapon - it is a reward for the deligent.
(10):21:34:56 [Out of Context] Evilmagoo: fang is not the spites counterpart the claw is
(10):21:34:58 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Last Question: Vitaes
(10):21:35: 7 [Out of Context] SlevenTS: dragon fangs counter part is the rage
(10):21:35:12 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Sorry - correct - Claw of the Dragon
(10):21:35:13 [Out of Context] SlevenTS: not the spite
(10):21:35:28 [Out of Context] Vitaes: Is there any plan to give JE's their last skill?
(10):21:35:38 [Out of Context] Evilmagoo: carefull sleven don't break elrick already I like this q&a
(10):21:35:58 [Out of Context] SlevenTS: huh
(10):21:36:14 [Out of Context] SlevenTS: so u can correct him but i cant?
(10):21:36:24 [Out of Context] Evilmagoo: no not at all just be gentle
(10):21:36:30 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Contemplation is a work in progress - there was no underpinning code for this so it is taking some time.
(10):21:36:39 [Out of Context] SlevenTS: well why dont u mind ur business?
(10):21:36:39 [Out of Context] Vitaes: Thank you
(10):21:36:48 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Did I miss anyone?
(10):21:37: 3 [Out of Context] SlevenTS: im sure elrick can manage without u
(10):21:37:14 [Out of Context] Balder: cat fight, getting popcorn
(10):21:37:22 [Out of Context] OozrJD: I would like to see a vote to ban/keep magoo.
(10):21:37:38 [Out of Context] Shadowwalker [ADV]: Thanks for your time Elrick. Very much appreciated.
(10):21:37:46 [Out of Context] Evilmagoo: yes thank you elrick
(10):21:37:54 [Out of Context] Reverant: Well done yes - ty
(10):21:37:55 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: We seem to be degerating so probably a good place to stop.
(10):21:37:55 [Out of Context] Zelgarian: Thanks for all your hard work it is apprechiated Smile
(10):21:38: 1 [Out of Context] Vitaes: What they said....ty
(10):21:38:14 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: We will do this next week - in a different time zone to help out our European players who probably missed this one.
(10):21:38:15 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: ty dev for your time
(10):21:38:28 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Remember to use the forum in the man time - we can continue answering some questions there.
(10):21:38:34 [Out of Context] Elrick [DEV]: Thank you all for your time.
(10):21:38:53 [Out of Context] AstroTT: post chat there
(10):21:39:10 [Out of Context] Thorondor: well done all that particapated thanks
(10):21:39:10 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: man time ????? eeeerrr
(10):21:39:24 [Out of Context] Kex: i ate a bug
(10):21:39:26 [Out of Context] Kencryr: Thanks All !!!
(10):21:39:35 [Out of Context] Efient: see? you guys derailed it :p
(10):21:39:58 [Out of Context] Wetpolecat: ty all closing OOC now
(10):21:40:14 [Out of Context] Wirikidor: closing OOC?
(10):21:40:19 [Out of Context] Satanicexhile [DEV]: NIGHT FLY SAFE

Every Ding happens for a reason.

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DEV Qand A session for any who missed it. Empty
PostSubject: Re: DEV Qand A session for any who missed it.   DEV Qand A session for any who missed it. EmptySun May 05, 2013 10:03 pm

Thanks for that Alf I can go back and read where I ripped Magoo a little bit...
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DEV Qand A session for any who missed it. Empty
PostSubject: Re: DEV Qand A session for any who missed it.   DEV Qand A session for any who missed it. EmptyMon May 06, 2013 12:55 am

Nice, thank you

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DEV Qand A session for any who missed it. Empty
PostSubject: Re: DEV Qand A session for any who missed it.   DEV Qand A session for any who missed it. EmptyMon May 06, 2013 8:26 pm

Thanks Alf! Smile

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DEV Qand A session for any who missed it. Empty
PostSubject: Re: DEV Qand A session for any who missed it.   DEV Qand A session for any who missed it. Empty

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DEV Qand A session for any who missed it.
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