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 Basic overall plan

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PostSubject: Basic overall plan   Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:30 pm

Start your MAIN only!

Get to OL 10 HU, skills in newbie sector

If any others from your class on, group then do you Class naving (see 1st part of plan)

Stage I
Move to your sector HQ (Mars, Earth, Jupiter) when all the race people are ready and finished naving the class sections. Until they get ready, farm mobs for creds and drops (hope my database still a bit valid) until they are. Go ahead and form the groups so you can chat and know when they are done, etc.

Stage II
As a race group and nav your sections again in logical pattern. Whoever navs the sector will be lead so will be several drop/regrouping for leader. Recommend this :

Progen - PW leader start tour - Mars, ABG, ABB left side, Saturn, Akerons, Freya to Jot, Jotenhiem, Odin's Rex, Odin's Belt, Largarto, Endriago left to Altair, Altair to NV, NV, Remaining Altair, Remaining Endriago, Primus, Tarsis Finish up, acquire skills, gather creds/drops in area with targets of Opportunity along the way.

Terrans - TE leader start tour - Earth, ABA, Saturn, Uranus, Saturn, Akerons, Pluto, Akerons, Freya, Rags, Freya, Witberg, Zweihander, Witberg, Freya, Adriel, Margesi, Adriel, Freya, Akerons, Saturn, Glenn to carp, Carpenter, NE to Inverness, Inverness left to Arduinne, Arduinne, Remaining Inverness, 61c, Inverness, Remainder New Edinburgh Same as progen go back to getting skills, gather creds and hit Targets of Opportunity.

Jenqaui - JT leader start tour - Jupiter, Saturn, ABB, Venus, Mercurys, Pluto to Akerons, Akerons, Saturn, Glenn, Swooping Eagle, Xipe Topec, Swooping Eagle, Yokan, Ishuan, Yokan, Kailassa, Dahin, KV, VC, Ant (hopefully WH back to jup by then). Same as progen go back to getting skills, gather creds, Targets of Opportunity.

Stage III

When race tours are done and skills aquired reasonably in local areas (no long travel ones), ALL mains gather at Net - 7 Saturn as every race should have a path and have nav'd Saturn already. Groups will form with 1 Jenquai, 1 Terran, 1 Progen. Time to log in 1 alt EACH and move them to gate to either mars, earth, jupiter to await pick up.

Full tour - Jenquai starts lead. Jupiter (pick up any jenqaui alts at their gate), Saturn, ABA to Earth, Earth (pick up any Terran alts), Remaining ABA, ABB left side only, ABG left side to Mars, Mars (pick up any Progen alts group should be full now), ABG remaining inc DCO, ABB right side, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Akerons, Freya to Prox Cent, Adriel Prime, Margesi, Adriel Prime, Freya, Witberg, Zweihander, Witberg, Remaining Freya, Rags, Joten, Odin's Rex, Odin's Belt, Largarto, Endriago to Altair, Altair to NV, NV, Remaining Altair, Remaining Endraigo, Primus, Tarsis THIS POINT 2 Choices : 1 drive back to Saturn, 2 WH if je in group to Jup, or 3 Die and tow back to N7 (xp debt not factor really.. creds for tow maybe but you have baby hulls...)
Either way, regroup/drive back to Saturn and continue.
Glenn to Slayton, Slayton, GO, Slayton, Carpenter, New Ed to Inverness, Inverness to Arduinne, Arduinne, remaining Inverness, 61c, Inverness, Remaining New Ed, Carpenter, remaining Glenn, SE, Xipe, SE, Yokan, Ishuan, Yokan, Kailaasa, Dahin, KV, VC (probably only gate to gate), Antares Back to last same options 1) drive back, WH, or Die and tow (still only level 10 hulls)

Stage IV
With the higher OL from all this EL we have a jump start on prospect/shields/reactor/etc so mining/HUs will be easier
Aquire 30 HUs, skills, new gear, etc.
Now assume roll of either Mining Team member, Looting team member, Building team member. Await assignments. If nothing going on at that time 1) do missions, 2) farm/mine/trade runs for creds, 3) work on skills, etc.
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Basic overall plan
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