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 Content Update for Sept. 2010

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Content Update for Sept. 2010 Empty
PostSubject: Content Update for Sept. 2010   Content Update for Sept. 2010 EmptyWed Sep 08, 2010 1:55 pm

It will probably be today sometime, you'll see the notes on the launcher soon if you don't already. They were going to do it yesterday but there were some last minute changes. Keep in mind that in most cases it will be within the first week of the month following the month in question. So for example the August patch will be today, the September patch (in october) will be in the first week or so of October.
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PostSubject: Re: Content Update for Sept. 2010   Content Update for Sept. 2010 EmptyWed Sep 08, 2010 8:30 pm

and here it is !!

August Content Update
Posted:09/09/2010 02:45 by Tienbau

Content Updates
Changed Rashid Bandy's talk tree to accurately describe JS training
Corrected Training For Business mission step 2 description
Corrected talk tree in level 30 hull upgrade to stop confusion over the bonus mission
Changed step descriptions to help players workaround a bug in Practice Cloaking
Revamped JD training exp
Changed Ten'shao Anala's talk tree to give players ideas on where to level
Changed JE training device item reward to item blueprint
Reduced haywire level by 1 because of live screenshot
Added refining terminal to prasad station
Added JE mission from Merjan. Storyline related
Fixed various Planet Swooping Eagle typos
Changed some Xipe Totec mission step descriptions to prevent confusion.
Starting to get hulks into the sectors with a default item list. Once David gets the ore editor fixed then I can add to the default list.
Working on some special projects that are in the very beginning phases. Some of these will involve items that will be found in hulks. More on this later.
Putting together a team of "Devhelpers" to help work on special projects.
Putting together a "Bug list" of problems with skills and such. Should be ready in a few days.
Removed previous hull missions for 50, 75, 100, 135
Removed Crimson Force Barrier, Brimstone Ballista and Brimstone Ballista Ammunition missions
Capture the Cargo is now a Token bonus mission @ hull 135. See new NPCs on Arx Magister for further information.
New (maximum of 7 stage) missions for the Hull Upgrades 50, 75, 100, 135
Compulsory payment
Speak to Collegia Nota; Centuriata Nota and Sabine Nota on Arx Magister for further information. These will try and explain tokens but remember not all token missions are in the game.
Progen Tokens to unlock bonus missions available from master missions
A Privateers Promotion [Version 6.6.P]
A Sentinels Promotion [Version 6.6.S]
A Warriors Promotion [Version 6.6.W]
Hull upgrades
Level 50: See Anjuren Khan
Level 75: See Andronicus Tyr, Lancearate Fortunatis or Imperator Frank (Depending on class)
Level 100: See Vinda, Gratis Augustis Var or Imperator Frank (Depending on class)
Level 135: See Warden Orphant
If your missions states "Under Development - Progen [Version REMOVED]" cancel it, it has been withdrawn.
If a mission states version 0.0 then you should cancel it, it is here in header data only
Guide to Progen Mission Naming Convention

E.g., Progen @ 100-135 - Requires Projectile 6 [Token Version 0.0.ALL]

Level Requirement: @ 100-135 (and Hull @ 100)
Skill Requirement: Requires Projectile 6
Required item: Token
Version: 0.0.
Class: P = Privateer; S = Sentinel; W = Warrior; ALL = all progen
Portal Updates
In Game Portal site to allow access to the internet in game... (some pages may not display correctly)
Portal now has an online graph, and a max online page
Phase 1 of Database released (Item Search)
Phase 2 of Database released (Mob Sector Search)
Bug fix display for Database popups
More changes to portal to make things smoother.
Tools Updates
LaunchNet7:- Jury-rigged DownloadString method to work more consistently.
The HttpRequest code here was breaking frequently for unknown reasons.
Also, changed code to try the download 4 times instead of just waiting 10 seconds for a response.
Updated the solutions to work with DevExpress 2010.1.6
update the ore editor to now will goto the next row when moved from current to available
Small fix for enter now working on login box
F11 will now toggle MySQL login
added missing files to newitemeditor.exe.licenses
Fixed a typo in the license.
delayed spawn now set up correctly.
further sector editor SQL fix.
fix SQL create bug.
add mob formations to sector editor.
add mob progressions to sector editor.
add mob progression rates to sector editor.
Added use for hulk population
Small update to make launcher timeout for downloading longer now is 10secs
Fixed up and added a new patching method that will cause it to patch faster
Server Updates
make mobs less likely to attack other mobs.
fixes from PTR server crash.
add in the galaxy-wide 'background' item picks for hulks, to ensure there's always in interesting selection for hulks.
tidy up fix for buff overload.
refine the hulk item quality system a little, so only actual items are affected by quality.
various fixes for bugs seen on the server. change minimum warp distance to 1.0k.
Parsed slash commands before private channel requests.
Fixed a bug where the channel name would not display in the error message( invalid channel ).
Gracefully handled a situation where the client would get stuck with a pending request when trying to create a new channel when the limit has been reached.
Partial fix for a bug when joining a channel with a password.
Make sure the player is in the room before letting them leave.
store reactor energy when swapping reactors.
abort group warp when one formation player does not have sufficient energy. Alert group leader.
add default items into hulks.
add optional level check to 'POSSESS_SKILL'.
fix for environmental shield bug.
ensure replaced buff's effect has been cancelled.
tidy up buff re-use and account for all re-use possibilities.
fix for psionic shield weirdness.
Added private channel functionality.
Disabled until testing can take place in the PTR server.
Uncomment the "#define ENABLE_PRIVATE_CHANNELS" line in Chat/ChatManager.h to enable them.
tidy up code (remove old rings bodge).
make selection of navs for jobs a bit more random.
Fixed guild officers being able to demote higher than their rank.
fix to equip time check fix.
implement weighting to ore / item choice for roids and hulks.
broaden ore/item choice for roids an hulks to one level below.
fix for mobs running away.
only run away if attacker is considerably higher in level.
experimental change to out of bounds handling for fields.
Added @gender to talk trees
Change AOE's not to hurt turrets
Change to hopefully fix cooldowns on weapons
fix for weapon jamming bug.
further MOB formation fixes.
add spawn commands (type /helpspawn for list).
crash fix for guild recruiting.
remove debug log.
fix for sending Aux to range.
further mods for trading.
fix for credit trade on stations not working.
mods to get server release build fully working.
remove award for 'UNKNOWN' faction.
remove faction wipe code from server.
further refinements for formations.
fix for group Warp.
fix for group formations visibility.
fix for group warp reactor bug.
Fix so GM's can trade non-tradeable items
reset end mission saves.
recode mission rewards.
fix server ammo save overload bug.
fix infinte loop reward bug.
no mobs run away from player with a combat level of 5 or less.
fix for delayed spawn re-spawn.
fix for group warp energy.
drop required net7proxy to v1.94
fix for ammo not saving if player logs out and immediately logs back in.
expand MOB formations so that we can choose from the 3 player formations.
get mobs in formation to fire on the leader's target.
fix for spawn progressions to fire correctly and also add a 'hostiles incomming' sound effect.
fix for weapons hitting after cloak is engaged. TODO: check if target has moved since engaging cloak.
Add spawn progressions.
fix for formations.
remove more unrequired mutex locks from PlayerConnection.cpp
Fixed a bug that opened up an exploit that allowed any ammo to be equipped on any weapon.
more updates for MOB formations.
Fixed a bug where the manufacturing button wouldn't disable when selecting a different category after selecting a valid item to manufacture.
next round of formation handling, plus fixes for formation processing.
Fixed a bug where a player would not receive the finished product after exiting from the terminal while manufacturing something.
Cleaned up the manufacturing category initialization.
Fixed a bug where invalid categories/subcategories were showing up on the client.
Removed the "Comsumables" category from the manufacturing terminal, since it did not seem to be a valid category.
mobs in formation can't turn so quickly.
smooth formation leader death.
more Net7SSL self termination.
increase turn timeout counter to make formations turn more smoothly.
add MOB formation handling.
Rewrote the skill upgrade code.
Simplified and centralized the code into one function.
Removed several redundant functions.
Added a constant for the max number of skills.
Added an enum for station actions.
Fixed a bug where the map would not update inside stations.
update for husk auto-target. Don't auto-target when in a group.
standardise targetting.
create SpawnMOB method for standardarised MOB creation.
add in SPAWN_MOB and SPAWN_MOB_NAV reward nodes.
re-enable husk auto-targetting.
Fixed a bug where the skill availability showed a skill as upgradable even if the player has insufficient skill points upon initial login.
Fixed a bug where the threat indicator would not clear from the target window during a warp nav update if a mob or player was targetted before.
allow planets and moons to give explore XP.
start of adding SPAWN_MOB mission reward tag.
Update for PTR to use other databases
change MOBs to flee parallel to the Z plane, rather than directly away from player.
add range calc to MOB spawn list.
fix for stats not cancelling out fully.
crashfix for spawn list dump.
fix for mission infinite loop.
added spawn points for GM+.
added /stats for spawns.
added //respawn for spawns.
prevent mob spawns moving but expand radius if required.
add delayed spawns for dev server.
Update to not loop forever in an interrupt
add 'LEVEL_TRIGGER' to mission completion tag.
fix for nav message crashbug.
maintain proximity hate.
fix for Arrive_at and Nearest_Nav mission completions not advancing.
rework to MOB settings.
rework for field respawn.
fix reflected damage attribution.
Fix to stop crashes on guilds, but will not display all members
crashfix for mob check.
rework MOB settings with altruism, bravery and aggressiveness, in line with Suricata's worksheet.
further mods to skill effects. Rework Shield Inversion, Shield leech and sap effects.
ensure energy leech doesn't suck more energy than mobs have.
Fix to cut down on item damage for now
Bind on local IP if the g_InternalIP is not assigned
oops forgot to checkin mob class.
overhaul Buffs system; remove buggy STL & memory wastage.
update tether system (possibly remove it soon).
Added more members to guilds
checkin build fix.
fix for Nav_Message nodes to get them to display something.
remove log from mission loader.
Updated version
I think this will fix the multi server issue allowing a player to go places they should not be
revert previous mod to mission editor.
change nav message type to text.
fix for Shield Inversion effects.
incorporated Suricata's Energy Leech calcs.
possible fix for turret loot.
added //debugmobdamage.
Small update for stuff using PTR server
Binds UDP on specific port if setup
Update to allow us to set up multi servers on 1 MySQL Server
fix for ship colourisation.
fix for the relational/damage aggro bug.
limit player to 10 jobs.
decrease chances for skill usage in mobs.
fix for turning problem.
restrict speed on mobs to upper limit.
fix for remaining SSL aborts.
extend re-log time to cope with high volume logins.
oops! crashfix for check tradeable.
add ship warp tilt.
fix for angle-to.
fix for prospect ranges.
limit jobs to 6.
cut spillover XP to 50%
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Content Update for Sept. 2010
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