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 Spawn -campers

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PostSubject: Spawn -campers    Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:57 am


i'd like to give you a heads up. Last night GoBB trigger spawned, and within a minute, a Player named something like: Gobbspawn Put a message in General with the target of Edwards - teach servent, and BI formed a raid. (I think Neytoo was able to join, so he might fill me in)

Today, Early this morning (CET) Controller Trigger drone spawned, and within a minute, a un-guilded player named "trollerspawn" or something alike posted that target in general. and BI tried a raid to be formed.

Efi was online too and told about that last one. It was even more strange because it was like between 02:00 en 03:00 in the morning in the USA.

I dont really know what to think of it, or what it means. Maybe its nothing really important, but I suspect they might have a macro, or some alarm system to get on top of spawns.
I just felt it was good to share with you all, maybe we can all keep an eye out, to see if its more then just a player camping Spawns hyperactive.

Fly Safe !

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Spawn -campers
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